sigmund~ のメモ


sigmund~ – sinusoidal analysis and pitch tracking
Sigmund~ analyzes an incoming sound into sinusoidal components, which may be reported individually or combined to form a pitch estimate. Possible outputs are specified as creation arguments:
pitch – output pitch continuously
notes – output pitch at the beginning of notes
env – output amplitude continuously
peaks – output all sinusoidal peaks in order of amplitude
Parameters you may set (in creation arguments or messages):
npts – number of points in each analysis window (1024)
hop – number of points between each analysis (512)
npeak – number of sinusoidal peaks (20)
maxfreq – maximum sinusoid frequency in Hz. (1000000)
vibrato – depth of vibrato to expect in 1/2-tones (1)
stabletime – time (msec) to wait to report notes (50)
minpower – minimum power (dB) to report a pitch (50)
growth – growth (dB) to report a new note (7)
The npts and hop parameters are in samples, and are powers of two. The example below specifies a huge hop of 4096 (to slow the output down) and to output “pitch” and “env”. (Those are the default outputs.)